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Kofax TotalAgility 7.6 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) 7.6.0 Fix Pack 12 | Release Date: October 8, 2020

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1541548 Case 26198936, 26180561: Unable to Import Forms “Object Reference – Void SetImagePathsForDocumentViewerControls”
1531230 Case 26094775: PDFs with headers cannot be ingested through SCNJ form
1530841 Case 26172354: [Reporting] extr_batch_sess_key reported after confirmation field
1525466 Case 26172354: Reclassification affects field reporting data
1519291 Case 26177210: Cursor jumps when entering line item data in Validation
1500866 Case 26157068: Reporting data: Original value and confidence not set

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

1471485 Case 26098125: To add a Delete Folder audit entry for Retention, delete node and DeleteFolder SDK. A new audit type, Delete Folder is added. When a folder is deleted from the system, corresponding record is added to the audit log. Additionally, the existing Document Deletion audit type is enhanced so that the corresponding record is added to audit log whenever a document is deleted.

1402700 Case 26025642:HP MFP Registration Utility – Add ability to select Device Profile and register device to KTA server. Specifying Device Profile Names in HP Client Registration – You can specify the device profile name in the HP Client Registration program. Enter the name in the Device Profile Name field. If you leave the field blank or enter a name that does not match an existing device profile, the default device profile is used. Device profiles are listed and defined in Devices.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1496173 Case 26135941: extr_batch_ses_key isn’t reported in field_accum_fact table
1493097 Case 26143058: Display Rules are getting Corrupted after Kofax TotalAgility Upgrade
1492516 Case 26143929; 26137204: Invalid Expression Term validating Condition Text after upgrade to v7.6
1477669 Case 26131186: Multiple fragments have identical FINISH_TIME values
1468464 Case 26103149: Pdf processing error – External component has thrown an exception

1413946 Case 26084777: CreateJobInCase: Evaluation Failed: Retry Count 0 Reason of Failure: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
1406052 Case 26062281: SaveChanges error – Cannot access a disposed object.
1403033 Case 26061883: Time format property is missing in job and workqueue queries date columns. Time format property is missing in job and workqueue queries date columns – to avail of this feature on the findjobs form within the TotalAgility workspace the user must open the findjob.forms in designer, remove the existing joblist control, re-add the joblist control and re-configure as required. If the joblist control is not re-added the current behaviour is maintained.
1395868 Case 26061651: Export fails with: “Item has already been added. Key in Dictionary: ‘abc’ Key being added, ‘abc
1379161 Case 25054944: Choice Combo Box Selection Can Be Misleading
1378811 Case 26036789: “Not a valid user to update database” error raised when installing Fix Pack 18
1378785 Case 26049727: Session Timeout Alert message shows line break tags.
1378601 Case 26041358: Adding duplicate ResourceId to XML Resource variable causes Job Evaluation to fail
1377334 Case 25058775: Japanese language support does not cater for half-width Katakana characters. To resolve this issue the user must install KSMS
1376855 Case 26038953: Dropdown list control isn’t using the full space to display texts
1373941 Case 25051197: The MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once
1372984 Case 25060441: User takes an activity and no images appear for the documents
1372078 Case 25045540, 25993244: Primary key errors when archiving finished job due to the ArchiveJobTask timing out
1372070 Case 25999149: Record history of deletejobhistory method doesn’t chunk on huge jobs causing DB performance issues
1371529 Case 26002082, 26010327: Repeatable read can be extended on queries that don’t require it
1369119 Case 25064261: Reporting data stuck in WSA_MESSAGES table with error “TryDeserializeWithPatchingXml spent more than 1000 cycles”
1363452 Case 25062931: Faulty Out Of The Box error messages (in German)
1310295 Case 25049141: Export Connector Configuration Utility cannot assign document type that contains a table column with the same name as a field.
1371305 Case 26022909: Mobile form table is not visible
1362489 Case 25059966: Jobs List – Actions not functioning
1362468 Case 25062895: Canceling and then retaking activity makes undocked Web Capture Control unreachable in Firefox
1362456 Case 25994461: Comma Decimal separator ignored when Force Validating a field
1361750 Case 25999062: Large jobs take much longer to process in work queue
1360331 Case 25992493: Socket error with Robotic Process Automation Management Console when being called by Kofax TotalAgility
1355996 Case 25061487: Styles are not applied to Form cells
1353742 Case 25994258: Input and output parameters of a Business Rule actions of a form are not saved
1353665 Case 25978622: Archiving Issue when job is restarted but has already been marked for archiving
1353131 Case 25062850, 25998225: GetWorkQueueOverview API allows SQL injection
1351233 Case 25058490: [Reporting]’Exception: A MERGE statement cannot UPDATE/DELETE the same row of the target table multiple times’ occurs in Reporting logs
1330650 Case 25051903: Passive inputs can go to an Overdue state
1353335 Case 25984758: Scroll bars are not visible on a large process map until I scroll up or down with my mouse
1351128 Case 25993518: Creating Display Rule Form Action Using A Cell Fails To Retain Settings When Saved
1350673 Case 25063584: TD crashed when trying to create a new subfield of Advanced Evaluator
1350158 Case 25053832: WorkQueue initialisation query with WorkType date field returns long-date format
1347991 Case 25061698: Using @ escape character causes upgrade failure when upgrading to v7.6.0
1346544 Case 25062892: Unable to map boolean table column to stored procedure parameter of bit type
1346512 Case 25063733: Wrong config for “Include in Analytics” is saved to Database
1346236 Case 25063733: Bug Extraction Group: wrong config for “Include in Analytics” after importing in 7.6
1344789 Case 25058567: Custom Workqueue returns “Parameter Count Mismatch” error when workqueue returns zero results
1344360 Case 25059875: XML activity got suspended when using in a Subjob
1343593 Case 25062621: Category Field in the Edit Query window of Findjobs.form too small & requires much scrolling
1342535 Case 25060391: Can’t Map string variable to byte[] parameter
1342207 Case 25055674: Mask option is always enabled for table columns
1341725 Case 25061862: Folder validation rules not saved
1341623 Case 25054944: Choice Combo Box Selection Can Be Misleading
1338911 Case 25059513: Date Output Variable Causing KTA Jobs To Suspend
1338007 Case 25054388: Folder field value lost if subfolder created before document split
1337686 Case 25057508: Job Retention is not finding case fragments for deletion
1336800 Case 25059108: Setting incorrectly applies to mandatory activity fields: “Allow [Validation/Verification] to complete with [unvalidated/unverified] fields”
1330575 Case 25051162: Audit Log entry for Activity re-assignment should display the resource who re-assigned the activity
1330539 Case 25050610: Issue with cached forms
1329910 Case 25056955: Confirming table cells without modification shows as a changed field
1337505 Case 25060018: Case Fragments not available to select in Work Queue Control or Work Queue Queries
1330399 Case 25057798: Server Variable mapping issues with .Net Activity
1329373 Case 25047198: Imprinting – After Create New Job is fired, the subsequent OnScanComplete calls are repeated
1329131 Case 25054171: Export connector reporting “The given key was not present in the dictionary” after upgrade to 7.6
1328477 Case 25050854: Dropdown is trapped within the bounds of the popup window – Full list of dropdown options is not available
1328135 Case 25057411: Choice field – Static- resetting default value does still show previous default value at runtime
1327746 Case 25045086: Transformation Designer is adding additional CR/LF characters when saving a script locator
1327631 case 25052233: Custom Work Queue Not Displaying Work Type Fields
1327258 Case 25052149: Classic theme shows ellipsis to the left of table rows
1326986 Case 25057157: Not able to use Count Rows in DBQuery when using views
1326793 Case 25056607: Form Designer – Redirect Action – mapped table values display as [object Object]
1325501 Case 25056655: Confirm field shows value rather than text for int columns
1325484 Case 25053052: An ampersand in a text string causes the string to be truncated when it is passed to a popup window
1324930 Case 25054065: Error loading auto-generated document form where [document type name][form type name] is longer than 80 characters
1324584 Case 25052310: Field with 0% confidence marked as valid in v7.6
1324389 Case 25051042: UI Issue with dropdown list within a dropdown list
1323991 Case 25028690: Wrong PDF text layer extraction being returned
1323964 Case 25053502: UpdateRow action on SelectRow event of a capture table breaks the delete row functionality
1322810 CAse 25043795: Error or Cancelled job from MFP causes orphan data to remain in the Dbs
1321896 Case 25051858, 25053318: Folder.InstanceId not passed by DAS node in 7.6
1321073 Case 25046891: When changing pages using Ctrl-B, validation form is skipping between fields in Chrome
1319839 Case 25046924: DAS execution failed – Failed to enable constraints
1313561 Case 25046281: User cannot use only keyboard within tables: Tab does not work as expected
1311549 Case 25049989: Fix Pack Readme.txt files have incorrect installation instructions for the Reporting Service
1309413 Case 25048754: Rearrange process freezes design window
1308195 Case 25044255: Populate and Select not available for CaptureComboBox in 7.6
1307520 Case 25039151: Folder Fields disappear when Changing Document in Validation
1307056 Case 25044959: Kofax TotalAgility form URL not being decoded correctly
1306387 Case 25042689: large rounding value leads to an increased consumption of memory
1306338 Case 25046295: Form doesn’t load if an Array Form Variable is used as a .Net return parameter
1306279 Case 25032262: Kofax Export Connector for CMIS 1.0 Image Conversion Error when exporting
1305975 Case 25044124: Context menu is not available for multi line fields
1303733 Case 25041487: Object is read only. You need to lock the object to change its properties
1301232 case 25029977, 25043795: MFP failures causing temporary KFS and orphan data to remain in the Dbs
1299453 case 25034013: Some reported field should contain the symbols which are not allowed in XML
1296396 Case 25040509: Arithmetic overflow error converting IDENTITY to data type int
1295868 Case 25036909: Unable to find any released versions of this map on creating a package
1295859 Case 25038720, 25041248: Regenerate of Validation forms resizes CaptureTextField
1295199 Case 25039063: Activity scan and CNJ forms allows completion when the document is invalid with mandatory process fields
1294936 Case 25039195: WCF Error passing Dynamic Complex input to ExecuteBusinessRule from custom code
1291552 Case 25037873: ERROR_GET_FOLDER_VALIDATION_SUMARY when reclassifying a document in Document Review
1291090 Case 25032248: The chart control refresh interval/timer does not get reset when taking activities
1291032 Case 25032248: A chart control refresh causes the whole screen to refresh/flicker
1290996 Case 25031313: Scan Form scanning intermittently pushes down duplicate Imprinter Counter value
1290935 Case 25038674: IsValid form control property is never updated
1287250 Case 25035874: UpdateJobVariables() method changes an empty string value to NULL in the LIVE_WORK_QUEUE_DEFINITION table
1286065 Case 25035874: Job upgrader in changing an empty string value to NULL in the LIVE_WORK_QUEUE_DEFINITION table
1261342 Case 25017327: Images with high black content are not correctly matching with samples in extraction set

1405970 Case 26057871: UpdateDocumentFieldValues() throws error “The given key was not present in the dictionary”
1442333 Case 26074873: Repository object was concurrently changed. Usually it means that someone unlocked the object using IRepository.ForceUnlock*** methods
1442781 Case 26072903: Image Processing activity reject .PNG files. If you use an Image processing activity in a process, the PNG files are rejected. To overcome this issue, do the following:
1. Upgrade to TotalAgility
2. Update process map to place the Document conversion activity before the Capture activity
1445196 Case 26051782: Permanent Redaction button on WebCapture control sometimes disabled
1445703 Case 26089660: Performance degradation during split/merge/reclassify/confirm in large data sets
1450019 Case 26078935: Capture Clean-Up task is rolling back any data changed when the Capture Data Operation Time Limit period has passed
1458798 Case 26114901: Browser tab freezes when we call an action from the SelectionChanged event of a CaptureComboBox control