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Kofax TotalAgility 7.7 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) 7.7.0 Fix Pack 10 | Release Date: August 27, 2020

Features Introduced in this Fix Pack

1513535 Case 26153094: Improve performance of Named Entity Locator. A new option is added to the class configuration in the Natural Language Processing section which will limit the number of pages where named entity extraction is performed. When using the Transformation Designer, test documents may already have the NLP information for the entire documents. If you wish to test changes to this new setting, then performing Recognize on test documents will delete any existing NLP information in the document.
1512487 Case 26122511: Add option to select 32bit/64bit ImageMagick in document convertor configuration. The following ImageMagick version options are available for converting the image files to TIFF format.
– ImageMagick-32Bit (Default)
– ImageMagick-64Bit
Note: For a 64-bit operating system, you can use ImageMagick-32Bit or ImageMagick-64Bit. For a better performance, we recommend that you use ImageMagick-64Bit.

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1517313 Case 26162543: DB query error on Split web + App environment
1517159 Case 26144848: Landesamt für Digitalisierung, Breitband – Ability to use Webservice ItemChoiceType parameter in Webservice activity
1516991 Case 26171965: At runtime, a WQ query that contains a date variable changes to NaN/NaN/0NaN and calendar is pre-populated with NaN
1516940 Case 26167701: ref Complex Type does not expand in Web Service activity
1515945 Case 26170041: Cannot configure custom style class for table frame
1515879 Case 26170046: Placeholder in Header of wordtemplate is not being filled
1515192 Case 26170044: Deleting a variable assignment from an expression step does not free the association
1514993 Case 26150401: Table Column Width does not Auto Fit
1513890 Case 26169766: New compression in can change text
1513573 Case 26145513: Overlapping of LoadBatch & UnloadBatch calls causes LoadBatch to read stale data
1512017 Case 26161604: Dropdownlist shows additional lines with Style=Inline
1510119 Case 26156596: Column order breaks the table
1501741 Case 26138254: Date always converted to US format using the email node
1500871 Case 26157068: Reporting data: Original value and confidence not set
1499897 Case 26148930: Connector Mappings do not get imported along with the package
1497343 Case 26129664: “The request was aborted: The operation has timed out.” error when trying to process multiple messages at the same time

Features Introduced in previous Fix Packs

1488348 Case 26112552: Allow support for Super-Compressed PDF. You can now compress the PDF files generated by the PDF generation activities. To enable compression, in the Transformation Server configuration file “Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.ServiceHost.exe.config”, locate the “” section and add the following key:

<add key="PdfCompressionExecutionEnabled" value="true" />

1476700 Case 26131044: To hide Kofax TotalAgility version disclosure in URLs. For maintaining security, the Kofax TotalAgility product and component versions are not displayed in the URL to a form.
1471486 Case 26098125: To add a Delete Folder audit entry for Retention, delete node and DeleteFolder SDK. A new audit type, Delete Folder is added. When a folder is deleted from the system, corresponding record is added to the audit log. Additionally, the existing Document Deletion audit type is enhanced so that the corresponding record is added to audit log whenever a document is deleted.

1453441 Case 26099607:Support Mobile ID Verification with RTTS in a Kofax TotalAgility OPMT installation. As an administrator, you can allocate term-based volume to the tenants. Additionally, when using RTTS in an on-premise multi-tenant configuration, the consumed volume licenses is reflected for the tenant which is using it. This helps to ensure the licenses usage is charged to the appropriate tenant.

1404426 Case 26058200: Add Node Name to OOTB Exceptions which return the Node ID” has been created. For the following activity related exceptions, the “NODENAME” initialization parameter of type String, is available at the end of the current initialization parameters list. When the exception is raised, the correct node name is displayed under Initialization Data, at runtime. This parameter is also available when you create a new exception process from the system exceptions, or when you override an exception at process level.
EXP0009 – Script Object Failed
EXP0018 – No Usable Resources
EXP0019 – .NET Object Failed
EXP0020 – Web Service Failed
EXP0022 – C# Script Activity Failed
EXP0023 – VB .NET Script Activity Failed
EXP0025 – Data Access Activity Failed
EXP0036 – Transfer Activity Failed
EXP0038 – Automatic Activity Failed
1402701 Case 26025642:HP MFP Registration Utility – Add ability to select Device Profile and register device to KTA server. Specifying Device Profile Names in HP Client Registration. You can specify the device profile name in the HP Client Registration program. Enter the name in the Device Profile Name field. If you leave the field blank or enter a name that does not match an existing device profile, the default device profile is used. Device profiles are listed and defined in Devices.
1395526 Case 26008252: Empty mail bodies are listed in the “message attachment list” as content.txt with 0 bytes. In the Import settings, even if the “Skip import for files of size (bytes) less than” setting was enabled for an import source, the “Message Attachment List” field listed the files which were configured to be skipped.
1356140 Case 25991111: Added support for Multifunction Peripheral (MFP) Canon IR-ADV C5550 III
1341696: Process Drawing/Configure: Pools and Lanes. Pools are used to visually represent processes and participants related to your organization. A lane is used to visually represent an area in a process. You can place all related activities within different lanes to logically view and understand the process roles and sequence.

Problems Resolved in previous Fix Packs

1500082 Case 26152591: Inconsistent behavior with ‘Include complete message as MSG file’
1497841 Case 26153340: Imprinting in the Scan form with VRS Elite 5.2 TOT and Canon DR-G2110 crashes
1497534 Case 26143696: Order of global and local validators doesn’t work correctly
1496894 Case 26153015: On-Premise Multi-Tenancy ReadMe requires update
1496176 Case 26135941: extr_batch_ses_key isn’t reported in field_accum_fact table
1495389 Case 26146673: Web Capture control not working after upgrade from Kofax TotalAgility 7.3
1494825 Case 26146780: Document Capture Fields Data Associated With the Wrong Document in Validation
1494627 Case 26136692: Object reference error when opening old process in 7.7 Designer – missing startnode design_time_setting
1493101 Case 26143058: Display Rules are getting Corrupted after Kofax TotalAgility Upgrade
1492947 Case 26141717: Multiple error messages when attempting to perform Extraction within
1492519 Case 26143929; 26137204: Invalid Expression Term validating Condition Text after upgrade to v7.6
1492270 Case 26136707: DisplayRule is not allowing the display/hide of toolbar buttons and other objects like 7.5 did
1491998 Case 26139254: Editing Workqueue Query causes the selected process to be lost
1489628 Case 26138128: Actions pop up menu opens in incorrect screen location

1488601 Case 26081464: GetJobVariable method bug, not possible to retrieve variable value
1477672 Case 26131186: Multiple fragments have identical FINISH_TIME values
1471007 Case 25064171,26061086, 26079386, 26118670: MixedPrint OCR fails in Transformation Designer with ‘Couldn’t access profiles’
1469606 Case 26118747: Error during data extraction on message using reverted compressed flag: Invalid character in the given encoding
1468981 Case 26107596: Manual field change not reported as manual change if Kofax TotalAgility formatter modifies field value
1468842 Case 26116539: It should be possible to reuse forms, regardless of the BASE_FORM_TYPE
1468478 Case 26116517: Working extraction group from Kofax TotalAgility-7.4 is not getting released in Kofax TotalAgility-7.6 – special characters
1468461 Case 26103149, 26121436: processing error – External component has thrown an exception
1368996 Case 26012960, 26126191: DateFormatter can only hold a few text lines

1466565 Case 26100979: Comma decimal separator causes a SQL error when inserting values to a DB
1458792 case 26114901: Browser tab freezes when we call an action from the SelectionChanged event of a CaptureComboBox control
1458159 Case 26106704: Auto-Complete on Validation causes job to go into Job Evaluation Failed status
1457396 Case 26093276: Agility.Server.StreamingService.exe crash exporting a package
1456963 Case 26109260: Validation Summary still references field even after it has been hidden
1456337 Case 25992913: null reference during evaluation of job created with CreateJobInCase
1456228 Case 26084690: Reporting – Error PerformUpdates task – Execution Timeout Expired
1455861 Case 26097134: Metadata not set in SharePoint Online
1454002 Case 25063166: Kofax TotalAgility Table Fields Become Inaccessible While Processing
1453221 Case 26106893: Radio Button List in hidden cell causes validation
1451564 Case 26103306: Global Field Validators don’t execute correct order
1448550 CAse 26090737: Retention Policy Deletes Documents Sent for Online Learnings
1077486 Case 26118738, 26114897: A2iA: Verifying the French Check limit of 300k fails

1453782 Case 26099912: Width of columns in Workqueue control not displayed correctly
1452943 Case 26099248: Kofax TotalAgility Classification Data Not Being Reported As Expected
1451884 Case 26074873: Repository object was concurrently changed. Usually it means that someone unlocked the object using IRepository.ForceUnlock*** methods
1450023 Case 26078935: Capture Clean-Up task is rolling back any data changed when the Capture Data Operation Time Limit period has passed
1446889 Case 25031535: Other Tenants Affected When Different Tenant Database Goes Down
1445706 Case 26089660: Performance degradation during split/merge/reclassify/confirm in large data sets
1445199 Case 26051782: Permanent Redaction button on WebCapture control sometimes disabled
1443332 Case 26084777: CreateJobInCase: Evaluation Failed: Retry Count 0 Reason of Failure: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
1442785 Case 26072903: Image Processing activity reject .PNG files. If you use an Image processing activity in a process, the PNG files are rejected. To overcome this issue, do the following:
– Upgrade to TotalAgility
– Update process map to place the Document conversion activity before the Capture activity
1442628 Case 26074823: Retention Policy Deletes OL folders causing “Folder is not special OL folder” Error Message
1442322 Case 26052466: Error converting large XLSX file to Tiff during IP activity
1405974 Case 26057871: UpdateDocumentFieldValues() throws error “The given key was not present in the dictionary”
1403038 Case 26061883: Time format property is missing in job and workqueue queries date columns

1413418 Case 26067332: Error occurred trying to get folder validation summary when trying to split document
1406055 Case 26062281: SaveChanges error – Cannot access a disposed object
1403915 Case 26056452: .NET integration call from KTA to RPA remaining taken
1401900 Case 26050163: Custom Header in RESTful configuration does not accept Hyphens or any other character that is used to configure the Webservice
1398763 Case 26066233: Business Rule cannot be imported/used correctly because of a “@” in the Expression node
1398354 Case 26061651: Export fails with: “Item has already been added. Key in Dictionary: ‘abc’ Key being added, ‘abc
1398345 Case 25049141: Export Connector Configuration Utility cannot assign document type that contains a table column with the same name as a field
1396411 Case 26037580: Export Connector Configuration Utility cannot assign document type that contains a table column with the same name as a field
1383798 Case 26038953: Dropdown list control isn’t using the full space to display texts
1382263 Case 26041358: Adding duplicate ResourceId to XML Resource variable causes Job Evaluation to fail
1378814 Case 26036789: “Not a valid user to update database” error raised when installing Fix Pack 18
1378788 Case 26049727: Session Timeout Alert message shows line break tags.
1355227 Case 25994386: Unknown exception converting PDF to TIFF. When a PDF with very high resolution was converted to TIFF, the document conversion failed because of insufficient memory issues. Additionally, the document conversion also failed for the PDF files having annotations. When configuring the document conversion profiles in TotalAgility Designer, for PDF files with high resolution, set the “Scale to” option to “A4 (210mm x 297mm)”. The PDF files with annotations can be processed without any additional configuration.
1379158 Case 25054944: Choice Combo Box Selection Can Be Misleading
1377338 Case 25058775: Japanese language support does not cater for half-width Katakana characters
1375584 Case 26034918: Secure Variable Value Visible In Kofax TotalAgility OPMT Error Message
1373945 Case 25051197: [Reporting] The MERGE statement attempted to UPDATE or DELETE the same row more than once
1372988 Case 25060441: User takes an activity and no images appear for the documents
1372082 Case 25045540, 25993244: Primary key errors when archiving finished job due to the ArchiveJobTask timing out
1372071 Case 25999149: Record history of deletejobhistory method doesn’t chunk on huge jobs causing DB performance issues
1371543 Case 26002082, 26010327: Repeatable read can be extended on queries that don’t require it
1371306 Case 26022909: Mobile form table is not visible
1369847 Case 26015074: TNC_Tnef module has a problem to parse a winmail.dat file
1369122 Case 25064261: Reporting data stuck in WSA_MESSAGES table with error “TryDeserializeWithPatchingXml spent more than 1000 cycles”Broken messages caused infinite loop.Broken messages caused infinite loop
1368772 Case 25992493: Socket error with Robotic Process Automation MC when being called by Kofax TotalAgility
1368755 Case 25997272: ValidationControlChangeDocumentTypeAction: When aborting a reclassification, there is an error message: empty String-Argument
1363457 Case 25062931: Faulty Out Of The Box error messages (in German)
1362670 Case 26010279: Process map can’t be saved or released when nullable date default value is 01/01/1900 OR anything earlier than 01/01/1970
1362492 Case 25059966: Jobs List – Actions not functioning
1362471 Case 25062895: Canceling and then retaking activity makes undocked Web Capture Control unreachable in FireFox
1362459 Case 25994461: Comma Decimal separator ignored when Force Validating a field
1361753 Case 25999062: Large jobs take much longer to process in work queue
1360406 Case 25059114: Fujitsu Multifunction Peripheral Client does not resolve {Scan Station ID} macro consistently. Results do not match hostname listed in Devices list
1330653 Case 25051903: Passive inputs can go to an Overdue state
1356855 Case 26001044: Capture nodes not supported in a Business Rule
1356251 Case 25944039: Object reference not set error on Set ExtractionConfident
1355999 Case 25061487: Styles are not applied to Form cells
1353743 Case 25994258: Input and output parameters of a Business Rule actions of a form are not saved
1353668 Case 25978622: Archiving Issue when job is restarted but has already been marked for archiving
1353492 Case 25984758: Scroll bars are not visible on a large process map until I scroll up or down with my mouse
1353134 Case 25062850, 25998225: GetWorkQueueOverview API allows SQL injection
1352208 Case 25063584: Transformation Designer crashed when trying to create a new subfield of Advanced Evaluator
1351383 Case 25993518: Creating Display Rule Form Action Using A Cell Fails To Retain Settings When Saved
1346813 Case 25062892: Unable to map boolean table column to stored procedure parameter of bit type
1344795 Case 25058567: Custom Workqueue returns “Parameter Count Mismatch” error when workqueue returns zero results
1344364 Case 25059875: XML activity got suspended when using in a Subjob
1343596 Case 25062621: Category Field in the Edit Query window of Findjobs.form too small & requires much scrolling
1342538 Case 25060391: Can’t Map string variable to byte[] parameter
1341619 Case 25054944: Choice Combo Box Selection Can Be Misleading
1338010 Case 25054388: Folder field value lost if subfolder created before document split
1337689 Case 25057508: Job Retention is not finding case fragments for deletion
1336803 Case 25059108: Setting incorrectly applies to mandatory activity fields: “Allow [Validation/Verification] to complete with [unvalidated/unverified] fields”
1330578 Case 25051162: Audit Log entry for Activity re-assignment should display the resource who re-assigned the activity
1330542 Case 25050610: Issue with cached forms
1327647 Case 25056607: Form Designer – Redirect Action – mapped table values display as [object Object]
1344828 Case 25061512: Error debugging Business rule
1344711 Case 25061856: Business Rule with Umlaut in Input variable ID cannot be debugged
1344066 Case 25062793: Popup return values get lost for dropdown boxes on cancel activity
1342211 Case 25055674: Mask option is always enabled for table columns
1338914 Case 25059513: Date Output Variable Causing KTA Jobs To Suspend
1338793 Case 25060427: Rearrange process does not persist after releasing & closing the process
1337509 Case 25060018: Case Fragments not available to select in Work Queue Control or Work Queue Queries
1337415 Case 25057798: Server Variable mapping issues with .Net Activity
1337248 Case 25056655: Confirm field shows value rather than text for int columns
1336630 Case 25057411: Static- resetting default value does still show previous default value at runtime
1330223 Case 25054171: Export connector reporting “The given key was not present in the dictionary” after upgrade to 7.6
1329376 Case 25047198: Imprinting – After Create New Job is fired, the subsequent OnScanComplete calls are repeated
1328838 Case 25052310: Field with 0% confidence marked as valid in v7.6
1328481 Case 25050854: Dropdown is trapped within the bounds of the popup window – Full list of dropdown options is not available
1328149 Case 25057157: Not able to use Count Rows in DBQuery when using views
1327964 Case 25052233: Custom Work Queue Not Displaying Work Type Fields
1327261 Case 25052149: Classic theme shows ellipsis to the left of table rows
1325487 Case 25053052: An ampersand in a text string causes the string to be truncated when it is passed to a popup window
1324933 Case 25054065: Error loading auto-generated document form where [document type name]_[form type name] is longer than 80 characters
1324634 Case 25053502: UpdateRow action on SelectRow event of a capture table breaks the delete row functionality
1324376 Case 25051042: UI Issue with dropdown list within a dropdown list
1322813 Case 25043795: Error or Cancelled job from MFP causes orphan data to remain in the Dbs
1321076 Case 25046891: When changing pages using Ctrl-B, validation form is skipping between fields in Chrome