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Kofax TotalAgility 7.8 Latest Version Release Notes

Kofax TotalAgility (KTA) 7.8.0 Fix Pack 1 | Release Date: September 15, 2020

Features Introduced in this Fix Pack

1489190 SavePageImage() API to avoid unneeded WORKER TASK INSERTs. To avoid the Primary key violation for sequential image upload, new API, SavePageImage2 and an additional flag, ‘initializeBatch’ are added. See the SDK documentation for details.
1476599 Case 26131044: To hide Kofax TotalAgility version disclosure in URLs. For maintaining security, the Kofax TotalAgility product and component versions are not displayed in the URL to a form.
1471487 Case 26098125: To add a Delete Folder audit entry for Retention, delete node and DeleteFolder SDK. A new audit type, Delete Folder is added. When a folder is deleted from the system, corresponding record is added to the audit log. Additionally, the existing Document Deletion audit type is enhanced so that the corresponding record is added to audit log whenever a document is deleted.
1488349 Case 26112552: Allow support for Super-Compressed PDF: You can now compress the PDF files generated by the PDF generation activities. To enable compression, in the Transformation Server configuration file “Kofax.CEBPM.CPUServer.ServiceHost.exe.config”, locate the “” section and add the following key:

<add key="PdfCompressionExecutionEnabled" value="true" />

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

1522736 Case 26166872: Invalid cast from ‘Boolean’ to ‘DateTime’ Error message when opening Validation, if we pass Document Fields in to the Validation activity.
1517538 Case 26170044: Deleting a variable assignment from an expression step does not free the association
1517507 Case 26167701: Ref Complex Type does not expand in Web Service activity
1517162 Case 26144848: Ability to use Webservice ItemChoiceType parameter in Webservice activity
1517077 Case 26150401: Table Column Width does not Auto Fit
1517008 Case 26170046: Placeholder in Header of wordtemplate is not being filled
1516493 Case 26145513: Overlapping of LoadBatch & UnloadBatch calls causes LoadBatch to read stale data
1515950 Case 26170041: Cannot configure custom style class for table frame
1514118 Case 26161604: Dropdownlist shows additional lines with Style=Inline
1502187 Case 26148930: Connector Mappings do not get imported along with the package
1501384 Case 26153340: Imprinting in the Scan form with VRS Elite 5.2 TOT and Canon DR-G2110 crashes
1500874 Case 26157068: Reporting data: Original value and confidence not set
1500087 Case 26152591: Inconsistent behavior with ‘Include complete message as MSG file’
1497532 Case 26143696: Order of global and local validators doesn’t work correctly
1497464 Case 26146780: Document Capture Fields Data Associated With the Wrong Document in Validation
1497402 Case 26138128: Actions pop up menu opens in incorrect screen location
1496179 Case 26135941: extr_batch_ses_key isn’t reported in field_accum_fact table
1495237 Case 26141717: Multiple error messages when attempting to perform Extraction within Transformation designer
1493118 Case 26136707: DisplayRule is not allowing the display/hide of toolbar buttons and other objects like 7.5 did
1492003 Case 26139254: Editing WQ Query causes the selected process to be lost
1477955 Case 26012960, 26126191: DateFormatter can only hold a few text lines
1477675 Case 26131186: Multiple fragments have identical FINISH_TIME values
1475386 Case 26130744: Variables with same name but different IDs in second embedded processes causing export to fail